Pro Dual Arc Lighter

Pro Dual Arc Lighter

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Upgrade Arc Lighter!

Compared with old fashion fuel lighter, the arc lighter is:

Flameless-no flame, this lighter is more safe, prevents accidental fires.

Windproof-weather resistance, works well in windy day or rainy day, enjoy smoking Anywhere Anytime. AMAZING for camping too!

Compared with old fashion arc lighter, the arc lighter is:

Multipurpose-75°slope pole design, could be used to light candles, cigs, incense and etc. old design lighter are limited by a narrow neck so they can only be used to small narrow flammable things.

  • đŸ”„NEW DESIGN▶ 75°slope pole design, light small size cigars and cigs more evenly, old design lighter are limited by a narrow neck so they can’t light cigars with flat surface.
  • đŸ”„IGNITION & QUALITY▶ dual arc lighter,5 times faster than single arc electronic lighter; use high quality zinc alloy and high temperature resistance ceramic plate, safe and durable.
  • đŸ”„WINDPROOF & FLAMELESS▶ no flame, weather resistant, works well in rainy day and windy day, it is great for camping, traveling and hiking.
  • đŸ”„COOL CURRENT & PACK▶ there are obvious current voice when using, very cool; gift box, perfect gift for birthday, friends, family, lover, business and more.
  • đŸ”„AFTER SALE SERVICE▶ 30 day guarantee, if more than 60 days, if you aren't love your lighter or any questions, please free to contact us, we are ready to help.


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