Pet Seatbelt

Pet Seatbelt

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DID YOU KNOW? Dogs have just as much chance of being injured or even killed in case of an accident - and they can also injure the driver or passengers too. Dogs need to be safely restrained, just as much as we do. Keep you and your pet safe and sound on your way to the park with our Pet Seatbelt! This seatbelt attaches to your pet's harness and buckles directly into the seat belt to make sure everyone stays exactly where they should. 


  • MOBILITY! Freedom of movement can be easily controlled with the adjustable slider.
  • DURABLE! Made from strong nylon fabric, the belt won't break under strain or pulling stress by a dog.
  • SAFE! Reduces driver distraction and keeps pet secure.
  • VERSATILE! Attaches to any harness or collar and comes with a seat belt buckle end that attaches the belt right to the car seat belt lock.
  • ADJUSTABLE! Length of up to 43-74cm, providing plenty of reach within a car.


Why secure your dog in the car?

  • Unrestrained pets can distract the driver and cause an accident. We've all seen dogs frantically running from side to side or front to back in the car ... or dogs who are licking the driver, trying to get into the front seat, or barking in the driver's ear. Distracted driving can easily lead to an accident.
  • A loose dog can be ejected from the car during an accident or sudden stop. Dogs can become 'catapults', and get thrown through the windshield, or even over the seat and collide with the driver or passengers. This can cause serious injury to both the dog and the humans.
  • A loose dog may escape in case of an accident. They may escape through a broken windshield or through a window or door that popped open during the accident... and a scared dog will often run and become lost, sometimes running through traffic and endangering other drivers.
  • A restrained dog can become a threat to rescue workers. It's frightening when an accident occurs, and frightened dogs may bite or threaten rescue workers who are only trying to help.
  • Other items in the car could injure the dog. During an accident or even something as simple as a sudden stop, loose items in the car may become airborne and end up injuring the dog (or you!).


For your pet's safety, please do not attach the seat belt to your pet's collar directly. The seat belt is safe to be used with a pet harness.


We know pets are like family..keep them safe with our Pet Seatbelt today!

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