Use instead of plastic wrap to cover almost any dish, bowl or plate with a more secure cover. Each set includes six different sizes, and with the combination, you will be able to cover things ranging from 2.75" - 10". It doesn't matter if they are round, square, oblong or rectangle because the versatile design allows these lids to stretch to any shape and still provide an airtight seal. The sturdy material is completely washable and reusable, and it is so strong that it provides a stack-able surface once in place. Convenient tabs along the outside edge provide handles for easy placement, and the material remains non-slip on metal, glass, plastic and other surfaces, so once in place they won't slide or fall off.

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YOU SAVE $9.80

Better than I thought!

"This is exactly what I was looking for and they work better than I thought. They hold a tight seal and they are way better than the other plastic lid can covers.

These ones can adjust to any shape, so if the can is bent, this product will still fit and hold a tight seal. Great for canned pet food, canned sauce and purees and jars that maybe you lost the lid to.

If you want to be “green” and not use plastic wrap for everything, this is for you. Since there are only two us at home, I especially like to use them on honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon."


No More Lid Hunting

An Easier, Safe And Convenient Way
To Keep Food Fresh Longer With A Perfect Seal

Introducing the #1 Rated Premium Food Covers

Perfect For Any Kitchen

The Best Replacement For Plastic Wrap

Blue Bear reusable lids are the best replacement for the disposable plastic wrap film. With our reusable silicone food covers you have an easy and durable solution and don't need to worry that the films can't adhere well on the bowls. Stop using the disposable plastic wrap to protect our environment.

Refrigerator Safe and Saving Space

Our Blue Bear Silicone Food Covers allow bowls, cups or other containers to be placed on the side and stacked to save space.

Microwave Safe

The BlueBear Silicone Food Covers can withstand a temperature range of -58 to 450F. They work safely in the dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator. NOTE: When heating foods with our silicone food covers in a microwave oven, DO NOT completely seal containers.

This Product Has Been a Kitchen Game Changer For Me!

These silicone food safe lids fit every multi use container that I have in my kitchen. From my Pyrex measuring cups to my baking dishes as well as all of my lidless storage solution containers. You know the ones that sit in your cabinet with no lids but you just can’t bear to get rid of them…

This product has changed all of that. No more frustrating single use plastic wrap, ill fitting tinfoil nor mis-matched lids! These lids fit on everything including my Instant Pot!!!

These lids work well on drinking glasses, table bowls, square storage containers, even directly on a cut melon or an onion half.
The largest size in this set allows me to fill the inner pot of my digital multi-cooker and stretch the silicone lid over it for refrigerator storage until I'm ready to cook.

Now I can pre-plan meals for reheat the next day or that evening in my instant pot without having to transfer the food to another container. Cool the food, fit the extra large silicone lid on the inner pot, pop into the fridge for later or next day steaming reheat. A truly one pot solution!




EXPERIENCE AMERICA’S #1 SILICONE STRETCH LID SET, DESIGNED FOR VERSATILITY & DURABILITY –Microwave-safe, Oven-safe, Dishwasher-safe, Freezer-safe. You name it, Blue Bear lids cover it! Our set comes in 6 round sizes, ranging from 6.5 cm to 20.5 cm diameters. With this level of versatility, you can cover almost any type of big, medium or small container that is round, rectangular or square.


100% BPA-FREE, PLATINUM FOOD-GRADE SILICONE – Blue Bear is proud to present its state-of-the-art platinum-cured, food grade silicone material. Our products are stretchier and more resistant to warping or tearing, giving you the most durable silicone lids on the market. Our lids can be used over and over again, saving YOU money!


FLEXIBLE YET DURABLE. OUR AIRTIGHT, LEAKPROOF SEAL ENSURES LEFTOVERS STAY FRESH LONGER – We designed these lids to keep food fresh longer and prevent spills. Avoid unnecessary transfers to other containers, as these lids fit directly over bowls, plates, jars, pots, pans & even hard fruits themselves.


Blue Bear silicone lids are BPA-, Phalate-, Lead- & Plastic-Free. Our lids are more sustainable than plastic wrap, zip-top bags or traditional storage containers because they last longer, are easily recyclable and avoid harmful chemicals – SAFE for the WHOLE FAMILY!

Say goodbye to wasteful plastic wrap, warped lids and food waste

No more damaging plastic wrap that goes to landfills.

No more rummaging around your drawers to find the correct lid.

No more food waste through our airtight seals.




Is it durable?


Is this easy to use?


Are these lids freezer safe?

Yes, they are freezer safe. They are safe to -40 degrees F.

How easy is it to clean? 

Just rinse them and put them in the dishwasher. No problem. If by hand, just wash like any other dish.

Will they stay secure on plastic (tupperware type) containers? 


Can bowls be stocked on top of each other when using these lids?