The most advanced eyewear engineered for the digital world that are significantly reducing digital eye strain, headaches and improving sleep.

Blue Light Filter // 100% UV Protection // Modern Frames // Anti-Glare Coatings

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They got me rid of my headaches and strained eyes.
Light and Impossibly Cute!

"I was super skeptical as to whether or not these glasses would work but at the same time I was super desperate to find a solution for my dry, tired computer eyes so, I decided to give them a try.

These glasses do work!!! My computer screen didn't appear much different but I could tell a huge difference in my eyes by the end of the day. I also tested my regular reading glasses & there is a clear difference in blocking blue light.

However, I couldn’t be more happier with this purchase! They are light and fit perfectly! There aren’t any pressure points by my ears and they are actually big on my face!!

I love them! So far they have been an eye saver while staring at my computer/phone and watching TV! They got me rid of my headaches and strained eyes. Highly recommend this product!"


Relive Now All Your Problems Caused By Prolonged Use Of Digital Devices


Introducing the #1 Rated Premium Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Perfect For Both Men & Women

These glasses made my headaches disappear

"Years and years of red/tired eyes. I didn't even think to research how to make my eyes more tolerant to screens. So, these are new to me. And I was tired of my eyes feeling strained, like I was blinding myself doing something I have to do for my job...

I've been wearing this for 3 days and have already felt a difference. My little headaches are gone. I can feel my eyes blinking—that's something I know I wasn't doing enough of before. And my eyes are already less red. I should have taken before-and-after photos of my eyes only.

I got these for the clear frames and the price. They achieve those goals. They're cute, but I feel like a nerdy scientist rather than a responsible working millennial. So, I'm going to look for darker frames or daintier frames that keep the style in my wardrobe :) They are utilitarian for me for sure.

Still, they make me feel healthier, so winning!"


Blue Light Protection

Blue ray blocking -- Glasses lens are designed using the American HEV-Adsorb substrate absorption technology. It can absorb high-energy blue light.

Clear Lens

The lens were made of a fully transparent base, without adding any pigment, while maintaining high light transmittance. Less reflective, no affect reading, and almost no color difference.

UV protection

Anti-Blu-ray Lenses utilize special U.S. substrate processing technology to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation and block UV400.

Durable and Ultra-Lightweight  

Super elastic TR90 nylon frame material for durability and comfortable long-term wearing. Blue Bear Made blue light blocking glasses for computer will not squeeze your nose and face, make you feel comfortable when wearing it; this material is also durable, will not break easily during your daily use.

Advanced Lens Technology Designed To Protect You From The Harmful Blue Light

No more strained eyes, terrible headaches or poor sleep quality.

Best Glasses for Students or anyone who are addicted to their smart devices

"I'm a student, which means I use/am exposed to computers A LOT. Whether it's through my phone or laptop or the Smart Boards teachers use, there is no escaping it. I got really bad headaches and had the worst time trying to fall asleep. Obviously, I can't budget in an extra hour of staying awake away from a device because that would be me losing an hour of sleep. I used to use a lot of artificial tears to relief from dry eyes. But it didn't solved my problem fundamentally. I still had a headache. My doctor recommended me to buy a pair of blue light proof glasses.

Wearing them took a bit to get used to. Remember, I'm not used to glasses, so it was weird, but I didn't notice any magnification or changes to my normal sight that would be warning signs.
After about three days of regular use whenever I saw a screen, I noticed my eyes didn't ache as bad, my headaches were nothing like they were before, and I could fall asleep a lot faster (and stay asleep!)."



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Are these non prescription?

Yes, these are non prescription.

Would these help with headaches from fluorescent lighting too?


How does the blue light blocking effect of this glasses?

They block up to 95% of harmful blue light & UV 400 filters.

Can you see well while driving with them on???

They don’t affect driving at all.

These will fit good in a teenager?