BlueBear™ Anti-Snoring Chin Strap

Adjustable chinstrap with a unique design that creates stability at the base of the chin. Constructed to follow the shape of the face, adjustments are made along the cheek before connecting at the crown of the head. Functionality and flexibility work together.

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Really works!

This chin strap truly works the wonder to help my snoring and sleeping with an open mouth! It's super helpful to prevent dry mouth. It did take me a couple of nights to get used to it since I toss a lot. And I do think their double velcro is much better than other single velcro straps.

The main reason I purchased the strap was that I'm a mouth breather during sleep and I would wake up a few times each night with my tongue and mouth completely dry, and before I could fall asleep, I'd have to get mouth and tongue wet again. The strap does keep my mouth closed the entire night and I no longer wake up during the night for dry mouth/tongue maintenance.

Excellent product, excellent price! Took care of my problem...zzzzzz

Relive All Your Problems Caused by Snoring

Don’t Let Snoring Damage The Quality Of Your Sleep

Introducing the #1 Rated Premium Anti-Snoring Chin Strap

Perfect For Both Men & Women

Works perfectly and keeps my lower jaw forward and closed while sleeping

This is the best chin strap I've ever used in the 5+ last years!
It has 2 velcro adjustable straps, one on top of the head and one at the back of the head, so it has always stayed in place. It never slips off because you can custom fit it to your head. Because it's so adjustable, I'd say that it will fit any adult's head. (I'm a woman with an average sized head and there's plenty of room to adjust it larger or smaller.)

The soft perforated neoprene fabric is so flexible that it's molded itself to my chin! The neoprene is odorless, breathable and it hasn't been too hot to wear overnight, even on warm evenings.

The space for the ears is generously cut so the neoprene doesn't put any pressure on the TMJs, or cut into the back of my ears. In addition to slipping off overnight, these issues have been deal breaker problems for me with other brands of chin straps!

Believe it or not, I actually kind of look forward to putting this chin strap on at bedtime because I know my husband won't be awakened by my snoring! And I sleep more soundly, too.

And finally, it's modestly priced!
All in all, this chin strap is as close to perfect as it can get. I'm a customer for life!


Innovative Design

The unique and lightweight halo design evenly surrounds the crest of the head to uniformly distribute pressure. This may eliminate headaches and tension caused by stress, which is concentrated in one location.


Adjust the chin strap to your head size! Our anti snoring chin strap is equipped with an adjustable strap, allowing a comfortable fit for almost all head shapes and sizes.


This chin strap for snoring is made of elastic fabric that wraps around the chin and jaw for a natural fit. Comfortable airing but firm enough pressure to hold your mouth closed.

Breathable Material

The soft texture of the material offers resistance to sustain durability and flexibility, while preserving enough softness to cradle the face with comfort.

No longer losing pressure as a result of a mouth leak

The BlueBear™ Anti-Snoring Chin Strap is intended to support users whose mouths fall open during sleep.


"I absolutely love the chin strap. Before receiving it I really had mixed feelings on it. I had heard of them before but never tried one. I have been a really loud snorer ever since I was a kid. It really disrupts my wife, children, and my sleep pattern.

This product is amazing. It’s really comfortable and works so well! It fits really well and is actually quite soft and comfortable. Sometimes I almost forget I even have it on throughout the night. I have been able to get a really good nights sleep for the last month since having this.

I also noticed since I’m sleeping with my mouth closed I don’t wake up with a hoarse voice or gross feeling throat like I use to. I would really recommend this to anyone who has issues with sleeping or snoring."



is it one size fits all?

Yes it is. It comes with two sections build with Velcro to make adjustments easy.

Is this easy to use?


It really helps to stop snoring?

It supports your chin and keeps your mouth tight, limiting air flowing into your throat, allowing you to draw more oxygen into your lungs, so you don't snore all night and get a quiet and harmonious sleep.

Is the cloth soft and comfortable?

The chin strap is made of perforated breathable Absorb sweat net cloth material, velvet elastic edge, no odor did not leg color, easy to clean, high elastic breathable effect is good, light and extremely soft , to ensure the best sleep.