Improve Your Posture | 3 Exercises Only! [VIDEO]

When exercises are not enough..

Back/posture correcting exercises are truly amazing and necessary. BUT there's a big problem. We are not fixing the root cause...

The root cause of bad posture are BAD HABITS! Slouching in front of computers, over your phone, at a desk, even driving.

If we keep doing these bad habits, we are cancelling out the benefits of posture and anti-slouching exercises!

We have to train new muscle memory to remember to have correct posture when using our phones, computers, driving etc.

Bad habits are hard to break.

That's why Blue Bear's posture corrector is critical to have real long lasting results with better posture.

Wearing the brace will be a constant reminder to keep your posture in check when it counts the most.

So yes, do the exercises and wear our posture correction brace when going about your day.

Now that's a serious 1-2 punch towards better posture and back relief!